A love of art and dessert

I loved to play in the kitchen from the age of six, making mock restaurants with friends or baking scones for visitors. At that age though, making desserts was far too much fun to be an actual profession…

I completed a bachelor of Visual Arts and enjoyed working in cafes in Perth, gaining cooking experience before venturing overseas as a crew cook and stewardess on a private yacht. With this experience I realised I was completely obsessed with food, and forever destined to work in the industry.

From here I commenced more formal cooking training in England, and began working principally with chocolate (at both the Margaret River Chocolate Company and Gabriel Chocolate), and this culminated in becoming a Master Chocolatier in Italy in 2016.

Since then, I’ve continued to run Harlequin Dessert, supplying Yahava, Prevelly General Store and a number of other local businesses, as well as starting Harlequin Chocolate – small scale, hand made chocolates that can be found at Gourmet Food Merchant, as well as the Margaret River Farmers Markets and the Margaret River Night Markets in summer.

You can find me most Saturdays at the Margaret River Farmers Market – come say hi.

Finalist in Master of Marketing Margaret River Telstra Business Awards 2018!

Whisper it though – it’s still too much fun to be an actual occupation…